May 17, 1969:

Delta Pi chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon reactivated

from The Deke Quarterly, October, 1969


Delta Pi of DKE was reactivated at the University of Illinois May 17, 1969, when eight pledges were initiated in the first installation for the chapter since 1964.  The chapter, founded in 1904, became inactive in 1964 when it could no longer support the house it had occupied.  The charter had been retained by the local alumni in the hope that the chapter could be revived.  The May ceremony was the culmination of much work on the part of many dedicated Delta Pi alumni.  


The initiates were:

Arthur Alderson '71, an electrical engineering major from Wheaton, Ill.  He is the business manager of the engineering magazine and  treasurer of the new chapter.  


John Amstadter '70, an English major from Flossmoor, Ill., who is external vice president of the Men's Independent Association and the new IFC representative for the chapter.


William E. Bryant '72, a freshman in agriculture from Havana, Ill., and the corresponding secretary of the group.


Lynn A. Davenport, Jr. '71, an agriculture engineering major from Pawnee, Ill., and new vice president of the chapter.


C. Daniel Eaton, III, assistant director of the University of Illinois Foundation and the faculty advisor for the chapter.


Robert A Jensen '71, a sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and chairman of the Illinois State Young Republicans.


Alan C. Parsons '70, a history major from Joseph, Ore., who is president of the chapter, president of the Student Committee on Racism in Residence Halls, Faculty-Student Speakers Bureau member, on the steering committee for Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, internal vice president for the Men's Residence Halls Association, and vice president of his student dorm.


Roger Westerhold '71, a veterinary medicine major from Dawson, Ill., and recording secretary for the chapter. 


The new members were initiated by a team of alumni headed by Deke Council Vice President Trevor Holland, Tau Alpha/McGill '32, and Council Assistant Secretary Grant D. Burnyeat, Phi Alpha/British Columbia '68, who cooperated with local Delta Pi alumni to carry out the ceremonies.  The new members were quick to thank Brothers Gary Devine, Tom Disz, Clyde L. Eaton, Harry McCollough, Terry Meade, Beverely Smith, and Bill Ward, for their efforts and also thanked Zach Moss, a transfer from the Psi Phi chapter at DePauw for the many long hours he put in as pledge trainer for the group.  


New Brothers Westerhold and Alderson would seem to have enjoyed the proceedings the most and Brother Holland later spent much time going over the initiation with them as well as with the other brothers who gathered at the initiation banquet later that night.


The guest of honor was Bev Smith, who had worked so long to see the chapter revived.  His words on the value of brotherhood and the place of the fraternity on our campuses reflected the many years of devotion he had given to the Fraternity and the enjoyment he has always received in return.


The "new" chapter does not plan to purchase housing and so will not have to compete with the other houses on campus for large memberships.  Rather, the new brothers will attempt to build a stronger bond between a small chapter and a carefully selected pledge class and will attempt to attract new members on the basis of this concept.  In many ways, this revives the pattern for fraternities which was prevalent during the last century.  


Delta Pi  plans to set up a social lodge to serve to keep the chapter together socially without requiring large investments of time and money to keep the housing part of the operation in the black.  The lodge also will be used to welcome back alumni.  The new brothers are already planning so that closer alumni-undergraduate ties can again be made.  This is an experiment in a concept which goes against the trend for fraternities to have ever increasing memberships and larger physical plants.  The new brothers feel that it is a concept which will grow increasingly more attractive at large colleges and universities where students continue to feel that "dorm-like" living in fraternity houses is less attractive than the other housing options that are opening to them. 



After this story was written in The Deke Quarterly, the "lodge" concept discussed here was abandoned, and the chapter leased a series of at least two traditional fraternity houses on the University of Illinois campus. Delta Pi continued successfully for 17 years after the 1969 recolonization.  The chapter folded in 1986 and remains closed today.  



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