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The Delta Psi Deke House is the first house on Indiana University’s Fraternity Row. 

A three-story structure, the house has capacity for 95 men.  The DePauw Deke Realty Association leases

 the house from Sigma Phi Epsilon, which will recolonize at I.U. in the 2007 - 08 school year.  

Deke will return to this house for the next two years.  


Beyond that, the success of the three-chapter consortium, particularly the involvement of Delta Pi and Psi Phi

 alumni in helping Delta Psi be successful, will determine whether Deke has a permanent home at I.U. beginning in

 2007 - 08.  When DePauw and Illinois alumni make that permanent home a reality, the three-chapter consortium

 gains the leverage to recolonize the Delta Pi and Psi Phi chapters.  Your involvement is key to success.  

Delta Psi can become one of Deke’s strongest young chapters with the aid of interested alumni and parents; 

and the human resources of that strong chapter, coupled with the financial resources of the Deke Realty

 Association and the Ruby Cup Foundation, can breathe new life into Deke at Illinois and DePauw.  

Join us.  Truly, your involvement is key. 



Delta Pi of ΔKE ~ Illinois    ~    Delta Psi of ΔKE ~ Indiana   ~    Psi Phi of ΔKE ~ DePauw


Post Office Box 813     Greencastle,  Indiana  46135