Delta Psi recognized 


"Community Service" and "Challenging the Process" 

at Indiana University Fall 2004 Greek Awards Ceremony


The Delta Psi chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon earned two awards November 5, 2004, during Indiana University’s annual Greek Awards ceremony.  Scott Shtofman ’06 and Drew Smith ’07 each wrote applications for I.U.’s “Community Service” and “Challenging the Process” awards, two of approximately 20 individual and chapter honors presented during the annual event sponsored by the Interfraternity Council and PanHellenic Association.


Indiana University is home to one of the largest and oldest Greek systems in the U.S., with a strong Greek tradition dating to 1845.  Each year, nearly 5,000 students become involved in one of 56 fraternities or sororities.  Greek affiliation provides a "home away from home," encouraging members to excel at I.U. through academics, friendships, community involvement, athletics, leadership experiences, and other unique opportunities.


Delta Psi’s efforts and achievement have been included in previous award applications, and the chapter was honored to be recognized by I.U.’s Greek community for the first time with not only one, but two, prizes.


Delta Kappa Epsilon Winning Application for

“Challenging the Process” Award


Delta Psi of Delta Kappa Epsilon is not a status quo chapter.  We are constantly thinking of ways we can stay true to our membership, rather than going along with the herd.  We are going into our fifth year as a chapter at I.U., and we spent the first four living in houses and apartments around Bloomington.  During this time, we didn’t get down on ourselves, we participated in as many events as possible, and we kept our uniqueness as a chapter.  

In our everyday operations we are unlike many chapters.  Our seniors don’t deactivate, and almost every brother in the house holds a position.  Everyone does their fair share in being involved with the community.  During spring semester 2004, we averaged 12 hours of community service per brother, and I don’t see chapters on campus taking this kind of devotion to being involved.  As a result, in the past, we have earned Deke International’s Community Service Award.

 Setting an example for others is something we pride ourselves on doing.  We always try to be nice to others and not hold grudges for petty events or ridiculous rivalries.  In rush this semester, it has been apparent that we are different from the rest.  It makes the brothers feel good and bad at the same time to hear rushes say we are the nicest house on campus, all we do is treat them like people.  We don’t try to force anything on them, we approach rush as a process where you try to find the house that fits you best.

If there is a need for help in the Greek community, we always are eager to be there.  Just recently, during Greek Week, we were asked to help move the BBQ, and without hesitation we went around the house and asked every brother available to help.  People dropped what they were doing and went outside to do just that.  We take being in our new housing situation as a gift and an opportunity to show the rest of the Greek community who we are as a chapter and as people.

We always are trying to be the best chapter that we can possibly be, and one of our goals this year is to win Deke International’s highest honor, the Lion Trophy.  Individual chapters submit applications to show how they excel in the areas of chapter improvement, scholarship, alumni relations, and community service.  We are making strides to do well in all these categories, and we believe this will help us to set a good example for other chapters.

            We always try to instill a level of respect for our chapter’s heritage, and in years past, this has been done through mild amounts of hazing.  One of the practices we are trying to implement is becoming an actual non-hazing fraternity.  We believe there are better ways for incoming members to learn about our organization.  There always is the pressure from members past to stick with the traditions and practices we used to apply, but we have moved forward since our original days of being a chapter at I.U.  We have realized we are a unique organization on this campus, and our hope is to bring in new individuals who fit with our values.  As we make this change within our own chapter, we hope other fraternities will see the positive impact and adopt a similar plan themselves.

-- Scott Shtofman ’06


Delta Kappa Epsilon Winning Application for

“Community Service” Award


On April 3, 2004, my fraternity participated in the third annual Hunger and Homelessness campaign, run in conjunction with INPIRG (Indiana Public Interest Research group).


In all, with 75% (15 members) of my chapter participating, we brought forth more than 210 pounds of food which will be sent to some of the 33 million hungry and starving people in this country.


            The day started at 10 a.m. at the Indiana Memorial Union and ended at 4 p.m. at our food drop-off spot in Bloomington. We began the day hearing from Senator Evan Bayh’s representatives and ended it feeling rewarded, having helped a worthy cause.


            Even though going door-to-door at large residential communities in town—the Varsity Villas and the University Commons—on a dreary Saturday morning at a time when people were just waking up might not sound like an exciting idea, we had fun knowing we were making a small difference in the country.


            As team leader for this project, I worked with INPIRG to determine whether we could be large contributors to the cause. I made sure we had shifts set up to canvas the aforementioned locations across town and that everyone would be on time and do their job. Everything ran smoothly.


            While other community service ventures like Habitat for Humanity are great ways to do service, I decided to push our chapter to do something new this year. This wasn’t a regular can-food drive. This was a good learning experience for all who participated. 


-- Drew Smith ’07




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