Greetings from Bloomington Indiana!


As the leaves begin turning their golden autumn colors, I am reminded of the numerous blessings our small chapter at Indiana University has been given.  This fall marks the first time in Delta Psi history that our brotherhood has moved under one centralized fraternity structure.  Watching our crest and other signage raised to the house last week, I couldn’t help but think that this is the beginning of many wonderful things to happen to not only our local chapter but for all Midwest Dekes!


Allow me to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Brendan McPherson, but almost most all of my peers at IU know me as “Dill”.  I am a twenty-one year old senior originally from Overland Park, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City) representing our Deke chapter as President.  I came to IU for the quality of the business school and have thoroughly enjoyed my college experience.  I will graduate in May with degrees in Finance- Real Estate, and entrepreneurship.  I plan to attend law school in the Kansas City area and eventually open my own law firm specializing in real estate transactions.  I joined Delta Kappa Epsilon because it represented something more than what other campus fraternities had to offer.  It was as if all members of the fraternity had a common understanding that college meant more than just the typical fraternity scene, including scholarship, alumni relations, community service, and overall chapter improvement (recognizable landmarks of truly great Deke chapters). 


The chapter and I have been working extremely hard both over the summer as well as the first few weeks on campus.  The chapter house has needed quite a bit of sprucing up as it sat dormant for over a year; and all brothers have helped to landscape, paint, clean, and generally tidy up.  This weekend represents the kick-off to fall rush, and the house and members are primed and ready to bring the first new members into this beautiful house.  Andrew Bird of Deke International will join us for a full week, acting as a rush consultant and generally helping the chapter fully move into this house.  We are all extremely excited for his visit and the kick-off of rush.  


By now, you should have received an informative newsletter in regards to the relationship between our chapter, the Psi Phi chapter, and its Ruby Cub Foundation.  I would like to first and foremost thank the Ruby Cup for making this chapter house a possibility and for all of their day-to-day work in supporting our operations.  We are truly blessed to have these gentlemen by our sides as friends and advisors.  None of our success would be possible without their support.  


In addition to underwriting the $50,000 deposit to make the lease on our new house a reality, the Ruby Cup Foundation has made several important events a reality for our chapter.  Last semester the Foundation graciously supported a rush event in which we were able to place a tent on the front yard of our new house to host and feed rushes.  More recently, the RCF funded a two-day leadership retreat for our executive board.  With the change in our surroundings and lofty goals, I wanted to ensure that our leadership was unified and strong and felt that a retreat away from the house reinforced this.  The retreat was a great learning experience as well as a great time for all.  I would invite you to survey the attached photographs from our trip.


Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.  This is a relatively difficult time for fraternities in regards to community and university support.  Our chapter is working to not only survive but become the premier chapter at IU and lead all fraternities through these hard times.  I would welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have in regards to our chapter.  Thank you all for your support and dedication to Delta Kappa Epsilon!


In the Bonds,


Brendan “Dill” McPherson

President- Delta Psi (Indiana University)


Voice: 913.579.3558




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