November 1, 1827  ~  March 30, 1905

From the 25th Anniversary publication 
of the Yale College Class of 1846
~ Published 1871 ~
William Boyd Jacobs, the son of Samuel O. and Clara 
S. Jacobs, was born at Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, 
November 1, 1827.  He fitted for college at St. Paul's 
School, College Point, Long Island, of which Rev. W.A. 
Muhlenberg, D.D., was the principal.  He joined the 
class at the beginning of sophomore year.  
After taking his degree, he engaged in farming and the 
manufacture of iron at his native place.  For the benefit 
of his classmates, he states that he is "bald headed, gray 
bearded and (irreverent boys would say) pot bellied."  
In reply to the circular, he says: "Being generally considered 
a rusty, crusty old bachelor, I am tempted to consider your 
questions as to my 'wife's maiden name, number, names, 
ages of children,' as rather impertinent, and intended to 
ruffle my amiable temper--but in vain--it can't be done.  I know how envious all you unlucky Benedicts 
will be, and can, therefore, stand your gibes at my happy state with serene indifference.  However, 
seriously, I am like Canning's knife grinder--'Story sir! Bless me, I have none to tell!' I have led a very 
quiet and uneventful life since we separated in 1846, having had my share in most of the comforts of 
life; though, like every one else, I suppose, I have had my ups and downs, too.  I had hoped to attend 
the class meeting, but a rather unexpected pressure of business detained me."  
Much to his disappointment, the same thing occurred again at the 25th anniversary.  In reference to the 
invitation to bring the wives to that meeting, he says: "My wife would be happy to accept it, but, 
unfortunately, she died of a fever induced by cutting her teeth some 35 or 40 years ago."  But, 
notwithstanding this affliction, he sent the warmest greetings to his classmates.  P.O. address, 1800 
Pine Street, Philadelphia, Penn. 
 From the 1910 DKE Catalogue
B.A., M.A., Yale College
Founder, DKE
Married Abby Bolton, December 4, 1879
Secretary and Treasurer, Rockhill Iron and Coal Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1905
 Deceased: March 30, 1905, Windsor, Vermont 



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