November 6, 1823 ~ December 10, 1892


From the 25th Anniversary publication 

of the Yale College Class of 1846

~ Published 1871 ~


Elisha Bacon Shapleigh, son of James Waldron Shapleigh

and Hanna (Lee) Shapleigh, was born at Elliot, York County, 

Maine, November 6, 1823.  His grandfather, Capt. Elisha 

Shapleigh, served with honor during the whole of the 

Revolutionary War, and at its close marched his company 

from Philadelphia to Maine.  His grandmother, Elizabeth 

Waldron Shapleigh, was from Dover, N.H., and was related 

to Col. Waldron, the famous Indian fighter.


Shapleigh's mother's father was Rev. Samuel Chandler, 

Congregational minister of the North Parish, In Kittery, now 

Elliot, Maine; a graduate of Harvard, a learned and good 

man, at once pastor, schoolmaster, model farmer, gardener, 

hunter and fisher, whose wife was Lydia, daughter of Rev. 

Dr. Spring, the predecessor of her husband and a graduate of Princeton.  


Shapleigh fitted for college at the academy in Elliot and in South Berwick, with Israel Kimball and 

Mr. Barry; entered with the class as a freshman, and after taking his degree, studied medicine at the

University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1849.  He spent a year in Lowell, then removed to

Philadelphia and engaged with much success in the practice of his profession.  He has written

occasional articles for medical journals.  He says, "I have a hobby (who has not?), and intend when I

can find time to write on medical jurisprudence."


"I was very sorry I could not be at the last class meeting (1866), for no one has a stronger love for old

Yale and classmates.  I have no reason to complain of my success in life in any particular, for which I 

hope to be duly thankful."  


He attends St. Jude's Episcopal Church.  He married Annie Spackman Loyd at Philadelphia, June 7,

1864.  They have one daughter, Mary Ann, born June 14, 1865.  His address is No. 440 North 8th 

Street, Philadelphia.





Elisha Bacon Shapleigh was born October 6, 1822, the son of James Waldron 

Shapleigh and Hannah Lee Chandler Shapleigh.  He graduated from Yale College in 

1846 and was a physician in Philadelphia. 




 From the 1910 DKE Catalogue

B.A., Yale College

Founder, DKE


M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1849

Physician, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1850

Physician, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1851 -

Coroner's Surg., Philadelphia Co., 1862 - 1874

Married Annie Spackman Loyd, Philadelphia, June 7, 1864

Member: College of Physicians, Northern Medical Association, F. & A.M. Club.

 Deceased: December 10, 1892, age 70





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