October 23, 1823  ~  May 25, 1875

From the 25th Anniversary publication 
of the Yale College Class of 1846
~ Published 1871 ~
Thomas DuBois Sherwood was born at Fishkill, Dutchess County, N.Y., October 23, 1823.  
The son of Samuel and Ruth (DuBois) Sherwood, he prepared for college at Fishkill and 
Amenia, and entered with the class as a freshman.  
After leaving college, he studied law at New York and New Haven, and engaged in its practice 
in the former city with his brother, John D. Sherwood (Yale College, 1839).  With answer to 
class circular, as a reason for a little delay, he says, "My calling has been that of asking, and not 
answering questions.  Again, your questions I consider 'leading,' and hence legally objectionable.  
Regret I was not at the class meeting, but (as I wrote to Collins) I did not intend by my presence 
to admit that it was 20 years since I graduated."  ["E'en in our ashes live their wonted fires." --Sec.] 
January 25, 1849, at Boston, Massachusetts, he married Mary, youngest daughter of Judge 
Samuel J. Hitchcock (Yale College, 1809), who was a professor in the Yale Law School.  She died 
at Brooklyn, N.Y., October 13, 1852, leaving one child, George Spencer Sherwood, born 
November, 1850.  In May, 1858, Sherwood married, in New York, Fanny A. Fitch, daughter 
of I.S. Fitch, Esq., of Marshall, Michigan.  She died in New York, August 9, 1868, leaving one 
child, Catherine Fitch Sherwood, born June, 1860.  Post Office address, New York City. 

 From the 1910 DKE Catalogue
B.A., M.A., Yale College
Founder, DKE
Fresh. Berkeley Pr. Sec., Linonia
Married Mary Hitchcock, January 25, 1849, New Haven, Connecticut
New York Bar, 1853 - 
Lawyer, New York City, 1853 - 75
Married Fanny A. Fitch (Marshall, Michigan) May, 1858 in New York City
Police Justice, New York City 1873 - 75
 Deceased: May 25, 1875, New York City



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