May 30, 1820  ~  November 10, 1883

From the 25th Anniversary publication 
of the Yale College Class of 1846
~ Published 1871 ~
Orson William Stow was born at Rocky Hill, Connecticut May 30, 1820, the son of 
Solomon and Eunice (Shepard) Stow.  His father was the third of that name in the family, 
which was noted for its longevity--one of his ancestors dying at 94, his great-grandfather 
at 85, his grandfather at 77, and his father at 75 years of age.
Stow fitted for college at Southington, with Lewis J. Dudley (Yale College, 1838), 
afterwards well known to the class as an enthusiastic and highly successful teacher of 
Greek, and Rev. George Richards (Yale College, 1840), afterwards tutor, and pastor 
of the Central Congregational Church, Boston, and at Monson, Missouri, with Rev. 
Charles Hammond (Yale College, 1839).  
He entered the class in the spring of 1844, and after graduating, entered the Yale Divinity 
School, of which he was a member three years.  His health, to his great disappointment, 
hindered his asking for approbation to preach, and in June, 1849, he engaged, in his native 
place, in manufacturing tools for works in tin and sheet iron, with his father and brother, 
hoping soon to be in a condition to preach.  But his health continued poor for eight years, 
when he spent nine months in the Water Cure at Northhampton, and obtained much relief.  
Since then, he has done an extensive business.  He has taken out from 15 to 20 patents, 
some of which have paid well.  In 1866, his factory was burned, and soon after rebuilt.  
He took an active part in the formation of the Plantsville Congregational Church and 
Society, organized in December, 1865.  He has been from the beginning a Deacon 
of the Church and Clerk in both; also a liberal supporter of the enterprise, and a hard 
worker for its growth, which has been rapid.  
He says, "With most of my classmates, I have reached that period of life when men begin 
to look back rather than forward."  He regards it a kind, though at the time severely 
afflictive, dispensation of Divine Providence that shut the door of the ministry against him, 
and assigned him his place in Southington.  He had important work to do there.
On June 13, 1849, he married Sarah Walkley in Southington, whom he calls "My good 
angel."  They have two children, Lucretia Amela, born June 7, 1851, and Francis Solomon, 
born April 23, 1863.  His daughter, at the date of his letter (Feb. 20, 1871), was in the 
freshman class at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie.  He also has, since 1863, an adopted 
daughter, a child of the brother of his wife, whom the war made an orphan.  P.O. address, 
Plantsville, Connecticut.   

Orson William Stow was born May 30, 1820, in Rocky Hill, Middlesex, Connecticut, 
one of eight children of Solomon and Eunice Shepard Stow.
In 1871, Stow became vice president of Peck, Stow & Wilcox Manufacturing Company 
in Southington, Connecticut, a major tool company formed in 1870
from the merger of the S. Stow Manufacturing Company; Peck, Smith & Co., and the 
Roy's Wilcox Co.
Peck, Stow & Wilcox manufactured and sold bits, braces, chisels, dividers, draw knives, 
hammers, household tools, machinist tools, screwdrivers, tinsmith tools
and wrenches.  The company marked its tools with various combinations and 
configurations of the full name, "P.S.&W. Co." PEXTO, etc.  Plantsville, Connecticut 
and Cleveland, Ohio were additional factory locations used in some marks.
The company was bought out by Billings & Spencer in 1950, but the name continued 
in use for some time afterward.  The company's household tools included a variety 
of meat cutters, choppers, and grinders, sausage stuffers and coffee mills.  
The brand name "Little Giant" was used on some of these. 

From the 1910 DKE Catalogue
B.A., M.A., Yale College
Founder, DKE
Yale College Department of Theology, 1846 - 49
Married Sarah Walkley, June 13, 1849, Southington, Connecticut
Selectman, Plantsville, Connecticut, 1850
Connecticut General Assembly, House, Town of Southington, 1873 - 77
Vice President, Peck, Stow & Wilcox Manufacturing Co., 1871 - 83
President, Southington Water Co.
 Deceased: November 10, 1883, age 63, Plantsville, Connecticut 



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