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March 1, 2007

IFC sponsors on-campus lounge parties

By Molly Nevola
Staff writer

All fraternities that have lounges on campus will be hosting official lounge parties for the student body on March 3 in an effort to promote unity among the Greek community and the university.

The event is a student initiative led by representatives affiliated with the Committee on Student Life.

The purpose of the plan is to begin a positive movement to return the social life on campus and to revive the relationship between Greek Life and the university.

“The event is designed to allow chapters to give both the university and Greek life a chance to be together once again socially,” Interfraternity Council president Thaddeus Rolle said.

President of Sigma Chi fraternity junior Rob Clark said that Sigma Chi will be participating in the party night, and after having booked a band, they are going to make the best of it.

“I think with some reform in the rules, parties could eventually be brought back on campus,” Clark said.

Sigma Nu fraternity president Steve Cagliostro said Sigma Nu will also be participating. He said that the fraternity has booked live music for the event and that he hopes the University Police, Greek Life party monitors and IFC can all be on the same page.

The event is a noble cause in taking the first step to bring parties back to campus, Cagliostro said, but it will take time for the trust level between fraternities and officials to build.

Another relevant point is the new alcohol policy that has been instated for the campus.

“With the article in the paper a few weeks back about possibly changing the alcohol policy, I think that if this night goes well, it speaks volumes about how the students are willing to cooperate with the school,” Will Milby, President of Delta Kappa Epsilon, said.

As an off campus organization, DKE will not be participating on March 3, but noted that it is a definite step forward in restoring the Greek life on campus to its original state.

Sophomore Braden French, President of Sigma Pi fraternity, said that they will host an invite only theme party to go along with a day trip that the brothers have planned earlier in the day.

“I think it’s a great idea for Greek Life and the campus at large; I wold like to see a push back on campus like it used to be when the seniors were freshmen,” French said.

Junior Dan DeFiglio, President of Pi Kappa Alpha, said that he was very supportive of the idea because of its potential to set a good precedent with the administration.

He agreed that the initiative is a good first step and hopes that on the part of IFC, this can happen again and perhaps be improved upon, possibly by splitting the party times in increments so that party goers can go around to various lounges and experience different social scenes.

“If people drift around to various places, that is the only way we will see Greek unity,” DeFiglio said.




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