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Robert Peary, Theta/Bowdoin 1877


Ninety-eight years ago this week,

Robert Peary, Theta/Bowdoin '77, 

became the first man to reach the 

North Pole.  With the explorer, 

throughout the entire journey, 

was a DKE Flag, one of five he 

planted at the top of the earth.


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Everyone has stepped in it, but few know 

what it's called -- the metal thing that 

measures your foot at the shoe store.


Named the Brannock Device, it was 

invented by a college kid, patented in 

1927, and no one has designed anything 

better to replace it.  The college kid?  

Charles Brannock, from DKE's Phi Gamma chapter at Syracuse.


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    Robert Todd Lincoln, Alpha/Harvard 1864


Only one fraternity can say five of its 

brothers have been, or are, President of 

the United States Deke.  


And only one Deke has been able to 

say his father lived in the White House 

while he lived in the Deke House  

Robert Todd Lincoln.  


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Steve Synyshyn, a member of the Alpha Tau chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity talks of how people he had known for years began to treat him differently after he joined a fraternity. "It was kind of awkward, even around some of my good friends," he says. "People brand you."


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