John Brewer Demotte '74


John B. DeMotte was principal of Asbury University's preparatory department from 1874-83, professor of mathematics from 1880-82, and professor of physics from 1882-91.  He also conducted the early orchestra.  DeMotte received the second Ph.D. awarded by DePauw in 1887.  He is pictured here as a faculty member in 1887.




Philip Shaffner Baker '74


Philip S. Baker, pictured here in his 13th year on the DePauw faculty, in 1887, graduated from Asbury in 1874 with a 99.91 academic average.  In the fall of '74, he was made an Instructor of Natural Science and English, and while still teaching he attended the Indiana Medical College and earned the M.D. degree in 1879. The Department of Chemistry was two years old when Asbury became DePauw in 1884, and Baker became the first Professor of Chemistry. While remaining on DePauw’s faculty, he later studied at Harvard and at Johns Hopkins, and he lectured at the Indiana Medical College in Indianapolis.  A son, Ross Allen Baker, was born in 1886. A member of Psi Phi’s Class of 1906, he too would become a chemist and a prominent professor. 





Senior portraits of

pledge brothers

in the

Class of 1887



Frank Edgar Anderson



Frank Henry Lammers



Elmer Ellsworth Whitted



Charles Wesley Zaring








Established November 8, 1866



~ 1870 ~

John Brownfield, Jr.

Chalon Guard Cloud (DPU Trustee)

Franklin Winfield Lantz 

(brother of H.L. '88)

Will Franklin Norton 

(uncle of C.S.N. '90)

Augustus Havens Tevis


~ 1871 ~

John Wesley Lacey

Theodore Albert Sloane 

James Colclazer Stephens

John Thomas Stringer 

John Wallace Webb


~ 1872 ~

Columbus Thurman Dollarhide (have photo #31)

John Riley Gordon

Philos Jay Hazen 

John Oscar Henderson

Frederick Newton Milley (have photo #47)

Jay Bruce VanBuskirk (DPU Archives has photo) 


~ 1873 ~

John Steele Berryhill

Willie Story Bushnell 

    ("related to" W.P. '86 per archives)

(...also a T.M.  '11)

Edward Egbert

Alonzo Daniel Mohler

Jesse Addison Skinner 


~ 1874 ~

Phillip Shaffner Baker (bio)

    (first chair of DPU Chem. Dept.)

(father of R.A.B. '06)

Edward Theophilus Curnick

John Brewer DeMotte (bio)

    (probably buried in Greencastle) 

William Flynn

John Foster Morrison


~ 1875 ~

William Carl Brumfield

Levi Henry Greer

Isaac Herr 

Charles Augustus Murray

Horace C. Pugh 

(brother of G.E.P. '78)

Isaac Clark Pugh 

(...H.C.P. above?)


~ 1876 ~

William Tingley Fletcher 

    (nephew of A.E. Fletcher, Upsilon '69)

Harvey Sutherlin

Frank Roberts Wheeler (dec. 10/23/73) 

(brother of W.M.W '87)

Silas Talbert Yount (chapter president's pin)

Charles McCormick Zion 

(cousin of J.N. Ritchie '85)


~ 1877 ~

Amos Bennett

Isaac Gardner Brown

Samuel Clinton Coulson

John Holland Doddridge 

    (DPU Trustee)(...check P.P.D. '08) 

John Wilson Knox

Charles Laurence Lewis

Edward Barrette Rawls

Milton Josiah Stair 

    (cousin of C.A. Fisher '81 & R.S. Tea '81)


~ 1878 ~

Charles E. Bacon (father of R.F.B. '99)

Orlando Rolland Bellamy (12/2/12) 

Olin Asbury McFarland (5/31/15) 

(brother of F.M.M. '89)

George Edward Pugh (brother of H.C.P. '75)

Alvin Alexander Rockwell 

(cousin of S.W. Cantwell '81)

William Henry Young


~ 1879 ~

Orson Holloway Brooke (4/01) 

(brother of L.B. '80)

Wellington Orlando Cassady

Henry Valentine Devore

Alonzo Sheridan Fay 

Frank Lucas Hall 

(...related to W.A.H. below?)

William Abernathy Hall 

(...related to F.L.H. above?)

Charles Miller Lemon

John Fletcher McClure 

   (father of H.R.M. '15 and M.F.M. x'19; 

grandfather of J.F.M II '45; great grandfather of 

J.F.M. III '76 and W.L.M. '79)

Wesley Smith Morris

William Irwin Overstreet 

(brother of R.R.O. '83)

William Richards (4/6/91)

J.J. Schultz


~ 1880 ~

Lincoln Brooke 

(brother of O.H.B. '79)

Benjamin Franklin Hays 

    (father of H.M.H. '09) (...related to J.F.H. below?)

Joseph Freeland Hays 

    (10/21/76) (...related to B.F.H. above?)

James Martindale McIntosh

Frederic Story Rudisill

Henry Lewis Whitehead (dec. 1880)


~ 1881 ~

Sydney Wilberforce Cantwell (10/28/05) 

(cousin of A.A. Rockwell '78)

Viscount Sutemi Chinda (bio)

Charles Franklin Coffin, Sr. 

    (father of C.F.C '12) 

(married Sallie Isabel Dowling...

    check three Dowlings '93, '25, '27)

Charles Ambrose Fisher 

    (cousin of M.J. Stair '77 & R.S. Tea '81)

Virgil Homer Lockwood

Henry Boyer Longden (bio)

    (father of G.J.L. x'13)

Roger Sherman Tea (10/2/33) 

(cousin of M.J. Stair '77 & R.S. Tea '81)

Joseph Deem Torr


~ 1882 ~

Florence Louis Beeson (9/7/83) 

    ("got the blame of the chapter for the charter trouble.  See archives 

    where a voluminous correspondence is preserved."...couldn't find 

    this in archives.)

Henry Clayton Clippinger 

    (Union Building plaque in his memory) 

    (brother of J.A.C. '85; father of H.F.C. '08 and  G.B.C. '10)

John Maple Freeman 

(cousin of B.L. Eaton '83)

Levin Wilson Gudgel

William Weaver Heaton

William Pashall Hillsman

Douglas Morris

Thoedore Parker Stanley


~ 1883 ~

Samuel Logan Brengle (bio)

(grandfather of J.E.B. '76)

Benjamin Lincoln Eaton 

(cousin of J.M. Freeman '82)

James Wilson Finch

Charles McCullough Hurst

Joseph George Ibach 

    (father of JGI '14; father-in-law of 

G.B. Clippinger '10)

Izumi Nasu  (dec. 11/8/1886) 

    (translated Homer's Iliad into Japanese)

Richard Rollin Overstreet (dec. 5/29/1885) 

(brother of W.I.O. '79)

Edward Whitfield Peterson

Charles Dunham Rose 

(brother of J.W.R '86)

Moses Stephen Slaughter


May 5, 1884: 




~ 1884 ~

Marion Bayard Taylor Allen

William Thomas Jaquess

James Jay Johnson (dec. 1899)

Felix Tony McWhirter (dec. 6/5/15) (bio)

   (father of F.M.M. '08; grandfather of F.T.M. '38)

(candidate for IN governor on 

Prohibition ticket in 1904)

William Shultz

Charles Foster Spray

George Washington VanHorn

Thomas Chalmers Wallace


~ 1885 ~

Manfred Burke Beard

Albert Jeremiah Beveridge (bio)

     (father of A.J.B. '32) 

James Armstrong Clippinger (dec. 6/24/89) 

    (brother of H.C.C. '82; uncle of H.F.C. '08 and G.B.C. '10)

Clinton Everett Curtis 

(Speaker of the Illinois House of Rep. 1897)

William Warren McIntosh

Horace Anderson Marshall (dec. 5/2/1886)

George Brinton Murray

James Noble Ritchie 

(cousin of C.M. Zion '76) 

Charles William Sheridan 

(brother of E.S.S. '85 and W.F.S. '85)

Edgar Simpson Sheridan (dec. 2/22/34)

   (brother of C.W.S. '85 and W.F.S.  '85)

Wilbur Fletcher Sheridan (dec. 3/10/20, buried GCL)

   (brother of C.W.S. '85 and E.S.S. '85)

Joseph Simms

Francis David Stanley

Joseph Elmer Stephenson (dec. 11/21/17)


~ 1886 ~

Joseph Marion Adams (dec. 3/31/43)

Webster Parker Bushnell

Robert Benjamin Keith

Henry McMahon

Henry August Moll (dec. 12/11/1886) (related to Moll family?)

Milton Emory Nethercut

David Graham Phillips (bio)

Watt B. Piercy 

(brother of J.W.P. '88)

Wilmer Ellsworth Roberts

Jacob Walter Rose 

(brother of C.D. Rose '83)

Francis Thomas Singleton


~ 1887 ~

Frank Edgar Anderson

Frank Henry Lammers (Greencastle MD)

Walter Leslie Siddons

Walton Mark Wheeler (dec.) 

(brother of F.R.W. '76)

Elmer Ellsworth Whitted (dec. 10/17/34)

Thomas Blanchard Wilbur

Charles Wesley Zaring


~ 1888 ~

Wymond Joseph Beckett (dec. 7/24/44)

Charles Edward Dixon 

(transferred from Beta Phi chapter)

George H. Dunlop

Robert Grant Johnson

Thomas Franklin Kane

Harvey Lantz (dec. 2/2/33) 

(brother of F.W.L. '70) 

Joseph William Piercy 

(brother of W.B.P. '86)

Edward Buckham Taylor Spencer 

Charles Milton Wood 


~ 1889 ~

Walter Scott Davis (dec. 6/24/43)

John Luther Jackson (dec. 4/27/45) 

(brother of E.M.J. '00; uncle of E.M.J. jr. '38; great uncle of J. Phelps '50; father of J.S.J. jr. '17; grandfather of J.S.J. '42 and P.K.J. '44)

Frank Mace McFarland (dec. 4/21/51) 

(brother of O.A.M. '78) 

William Edward Oden

Fred Leigh Pochin (see DPU Alumnus 10/52)

Russell Davisson Robinson 

(...related to C.O.R. '92, O.P.R. '97?)

Curtis Thompson Troth


~ 1890 ~

Aaron I. Dotey (dec.)

William Shrader Crimm

Addison Webster Moore (dec. 8/25/30)

Charles Sumner Norton 

(nephew of W.F.N. '70)

George Clinton Price

Edward Kingsley Reed

Ernest Burt Thomas (dec.)

Charles Webb



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