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August 10, 1848 - April 18, 1934


JOHN E. IGLEHART was born in Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana, the son of Asa Iglehart (1817–1887) and Ann Cowle (1817–1882).  Asa Iglehart was a prominent lawyer and judge in  Evansville, Indiana.

John E. Iglehart graduated from  Asbury University (now DePauw University) in 1868, and immediately embarked on a career in law at his father’s law firm in Evansville.  He was admitted to the bar in 1869 and admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States in 1874.  Much of John E. Iglehart’s practice throughout his career was as attorney for the Evansville & Terre Haute Railroad Company.

Iglehart married Lockie W. Holt on 4 November 1874.  They had four children:  Eugene H., who married Emily Powers; Ann, who married John Ingle, Jr.; Lockie Holt, who married Charles Humphry; and Joseph H., who married Gertrude Townley.

Iglehart experienced much success in his legal career and turned toward personal pursuits later in life.  He was a leader in the founding and activities of the Southwestern Indiana Historical Society, which encompassed Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer, Perry, Dubois, Pike, and Gibson counties, and later Knox County.  Founded in 1920, the Southwestern Indiana Historical Society promoted the recognition of the importance of the frontier influence of Southern Indiana, with particular emphasis on the recognition of its influence on Abraham Lincoln, who spent ages seven to twenty-one in Spencer County. 

Published historical works of Iglehart include History of  Indiana from Its Exploration to 1922, vol. 3:  An Account of Vanderburgh County from Its Organization (Dayton:  Dayton Historical Publishing Co., 1923)  and The Environment of Abraham Lincoln in Indiana (Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society, 1925).  Ida Tarbell, a close acquaintance from his work with the Southwestern Indiana Historical Society, paid tribute to him in her book, In the Footsteps of the Lincolns (New York:  Harper & Bros., 1924).

Iglehart remained president emeritus of the Southwestern Indiana Historical Society until his death in 1934.



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