Charlie Morgan is the second Deke to be elected president of a university IFC this school year.  In November, Grant Miller was elected president of the Penn State IFC.  Story here






UVA's "The Cavalier Daily" student newspaper reported on Charlie's election on Feb. 16.  Read that story here







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Deke, Charlie Morgan ’08, elected president of  UVA's  Inter-Fraternity Council

March 17, 2007


A rugby player, who’s trained in First Aid and CPR, the treasurer of Eta of DKE, a double major carrying a near-perfect GPA, and a student noted for demonstrating integrity, achievement, leadership, and humility, is now adding to his list of achievements the role of president of the University of Virginia Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC).


Charlie Morgan '08, recently elected 

president of the University of Virginia Inter-Fraternity Council.

Delta Kappa Epsilon’s Charlie Morgan ’08 was elected president of the UVA IFC February 15.  As president, he will lead the organization governing 31 fraternities representing more than 1,500 students.  Prior to being elected president, he served as the IFC’s chairman for membership intake, where he planned and organized spring and fall rush and was responsible for increasing rush registrations for each by six percent and 11 percent, respectively.  


The IFC’s chairman of membership intake role continues in DKE hands as Chambliss Shillinglaw ’09 has been elected to the position.  Morgan and Shillinglaw will be joined by a third Deke on Virginia’s IFC – Hunter Deeley ’08 will serve as the organization’s chairman for membership education. 


As president, Morgan will chair the IFC’s Executive Committee, comprised of himself and the four vice presidents.  Virginia’s IFC structure includes a Governing Board that includes the Executive Committee, the 11 committee chairmen, and the member-at-large; as well as a Presidents’ Council that includes the Governing Board and the 31 IFC fraternity chapter presidents.  All three bodies meet weekly to support the three functional branches of the IFC: the patrolling branch; the judicial branch; and the policy-making branch.


The second Deke this school year to earn the top leadership role of a large university IFC, Morgan joins Grant Miller ’08, who was elected president of Penn State’s IFC in November.


A junior, Morgan is a candidate for a B.S. degree in commerce, concentrating in finance and management, in UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce.  With a 3.95 cumulative GPA, he is pursuing a second major, in economics, from Virginia’s College of Arts and Sciences.  


A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Morgan is the son of Walter and Anne Morgan.  In Nashville, he held a summer internship with Avondale Partners, where he performed equity research for senior analysts covering public companies.  The highlight of the experience was the opportunity to work with Frank Gristina, who was named the 2005 best stock-picking analyst, and that was good preparation for Morgan’s after-college goal.  I think I want to do investment banking for a little while at least,” he said. And building on his last internship, he said “I am working for JP Morgan as an intern in Corporate Finance this summer.”


Trained in First Aid and CPR, Morgan also has served as a lifeguard in Nashville, both at the Belle Meade

Country Club and the Westside Fitness Center.  


Prior to matriculating at the University of Virginia, he was named a National Merit Scholar.  He has been named to the Dean’s List every semester at Virginia, and in 2005 he was named to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the first of many academic honors Morgan has earned at UVA.  Last fall he was inducted into Golden Key International Honour Society, as well as Intermediate Honors, the Order of the Omega, and the T.I.L.K.A. Society.  He also was named a Gray-Carrington Memorial Scholarship Finalist last fall, one of only seven finalists from the entire fourth-year class, as a student who demonstrates integrity, achievement, leadership, and humility.  This spring he was inducted into The Raven Society, which recognizes superior academic and extra-curricular achievement. 


Last summer, Morgan was nominated to be a business delegate by the International Scholar Laureate Program in Australia.  After accepting, he spent two and a half weeks in Australia, studying international business from an Australian perspective.  


In addition to his leadership on the IFC, Morgan recently concluded his term as treasurer of the Eta chapter of DKE, where he managed a $100,000 annual budget.  He also was elected president of his 18-man DKE pledge class in 2005.  What attracted him to DKE?  “I really admired the fact that the Dekes are on the one hand leaders, involved in various areas throughout the University, while on the other hand they are brothers who know how to have a good time,” he said.  “All of the DKE's whom I have encountered carry a certain pride about their fraternity and tradition of leadership that you do not necessarily see everywhere else.”


As a member of the University of Virginia Rugby Club, he competed for two years against other regional universities for the state champion rugby squad.  Morgan serves as an advisor for the University of Virginia Honor Committee, counseling students and providing support through the process of honor trials.  


His other leadership experience at UVA includes the Mid-Autumns Carnival, an event launched last year with the intent to bring Charlottesville children and the Greek community together.  As treasurer of the Carnival, he manages a $25,000 budget and has played a part in raising $7,000 to renovate local playgrounds and to build a school in Uganda. The event, which attracted around 3,000 participants, was started last year by an Eta Deke.  My best experience as a Deke, and as a student, has been my involvement with the creation of the Mid-Autumns Carnival,” Morgan said. “Jeremy Pollock, one of my fraternity brothers, came to me one day with the idea and asked if I wanted to be involved. I agreed, as did two other Dekes, Bubba Albrecht ’08 and Dave Duchen ’07. The four of us made up half of the executive committee of the first ever Mid-Autumns Carnival. In one year the carnival already has become an amazing success. We are hoping that it is on track to be one of the two or three largest philanthropies at UVA in the next couple of years.”


Delta Kappa Epsilon is a social fraternity founded at Yale University in 1844.  More than 70,000 men have been initiated into DKE, including newspaperman William Randolph Hearst, Southwest Airlines Founder Herb Kelleher, Senate Majority Leader Henry Cabot Lodge, Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner, Composer Cole Porter, FedEx Founder Fred Smith, Proctor and Gamble’s James Gamble, American Bandstand Host Dick Clark, and the Wrigley Company’s William Wrigley.  Forty-Four US Senators, Forty-Two Ambassadors, Three Supreme Court Justices, and hundreds of other government officials have been members of the fraternity.  DKE is the only fraternity to call five US Presidents Brothers.  Rutherford B. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush have ALL been members.




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