12/20/04: THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, NY

"They talk about breaking barriers down," said Michael Barbera, a sophomore who is president of Delta Kappa Epsilon, one of four fraternities...  story

12/13/04: COURIER POST, Cherry Hill, NJ

Nearly a year after they were kicked out into the cold, members of Delta Kappa Epsilon are home again...  story

12/9/04: NEWSDAY, New York, NY

Colgate will no longer recognize Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Kappa Epsilon and Kappa Delta Rho, school officials said Thursday...  story

11/30/04: THE RECORD, Troy, NY

The original title was intended for the initiation play "The Pot Of Gold" for Yale's Delta Kappa Epsilon, but it wasn't used, so he revised it...  story

11/22/04:  Mobile Register, Mobile, AL 

Morrissette was Student Government Association president at Alabama during the 1980-1981 school year, a fertile breeding ground for future politicians and trustees. He also was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon... story

11/13/04:  The Gloucester County Times, Woodbury, NJ

A former Rowan student and member of Delta Kappa Epsilon is suing the Glassboro fraternity and the university for an incident in which he... story

11/12/04:  THE STANFORD DAILY, Stanford University

“I wouldn’t say Stanford is trying to cut down the number of fraternities, but one might infer it,” said Chuck Kitsman, house manager of Delta Kappa Epsilon... story

11/12/04:  THE BOWDOIN ORIENT, Bowdoin College

... In addition to her involvement in athletics, she also was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, a fraternity/sorority which occupied...  story

11/12/04:  THE CRIMSON WHITE, University of Alabama

This agency sponsored the appearance of three elephants at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house during Homecoming weekend...  story

11/11/04:  Yale Daily NEWS, Yale University

At Delta Kappa Epsilon's annual Mortician's Ball, the football players who stood at the entry of the raucous event collected a fee in exchange for a beer cup. The tall plastic cups DKE printed for the party depicted John Kerry as Frankenstein and said, "As scary as Kerry."... story

11/11/04:  DAILY ORANGE, Syracuse University

After a weekend shoving match at 703 Walnut Ave., the address of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house, a group of people broke into...  story

11/10/04:  THE LEDGER, Lakeland, FL

Roland Betts, owner of the Chelsea Piers sports and entertainment complex in Manhattan, has known Mr. Bush since their days together at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at...  story

11/4/04:  THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, Cincinnati, OH

Arthur Beach, 78, Middletown leader dies.  At Miami he was a member of the Men's Glee Club and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. He spent 41 years in the corrugated box industry...  story

11/1/04:  THE VANDERBILT HUSTLER, Vanderbilt University

The fraternities are the focus of attention right now, but this issue is really a campus at large problem, said senior Stu Chapman, president of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity...  story


... Kerry (class of 1966) presided over the Yale Political Union while Bush ('68) was president of the rowdy Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity...  story

10/28/04:  THE MANILA TIMES, Manila, Philippines

...Bush joined the Yale chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, whose current president, Richard Shanor, said he was "very proud" to have a "brother...  story

10/27/04:  THE DAILY NORTHWESTERN, Northwestern University

"He was part of a rather prominent frat, Delta Kappa Epsilon," Chung said. "They party a lot"...  story

10/27/04:  THE CRIMSON WHITE, University of Alabama

This summer, the UA chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity was awarded the Lion Trophy, the national fraternity's highest honor...  story

10/18/04:  THE CRIMSON WHITE, University of Alabama

Hours before the Tide's game against Southern Miss, that same sound of elephants awoke Clay Koenig from his bed in the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house... story

10/17/04:  ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS, Anchorage, AK

... There was even talk after Bush was elected president that Knowles might join Deke brothers Clay Johnson, Don Ensenat and Clark T. Randt Jr...  story

10/12/04:  STAR-TELEGRAM, Fort Worth, TX

Bush embraced the traditional college life -- with gusto. He joined the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and, like his father, gained initiation...  story

10/10/04:  THE PLAIN DEALER, Cleveland, OH

... by rock band the Clarks, a dodgeball game, Jell-O wrestling, kung-fu and a mock debate by the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity...  story

10/10/04:  THE MERCURY NEWS, San Jose, CA

Bush embraced the traditional college life -- with gusto. He joined the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and, like his father, was initiated into Skull and Bones, a secretive, high-status campus social club...  story


"When Bush entered Yale in 1964, he joined Deke, the jock fraternity, and became rush chairman, handing out the nicknames and pounding down beers...  story

10/5/04:  THE DAILY, University of Washington-Seattle

... completely autonomous and, as Keller stressed, in separate buildings, but they both pay rent to the national Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) organization...  story

10/1/04:  COLLEGIATE TIMES,  Virginia Polytechnic Institute

The participating Roanoke and Church Street fraternities were Delta Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha, Phi Gamma Delta...  story


... to show how Kerry "waffles on the issues," according to an organizer rallying fellow members of Bush's college fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, young GOP...  story

9/17/04:  TORONTO STAR, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

... It was a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity brother approach: use a mixture of arrogance and charm, pull an all-nighter and wing it...  story

9/14/04:  THE TECH, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Delta Kappa Epsilon and Theta Delta Chi fraternities did not participate in Rush at the normal time because they are under sanctions...  story

9/10/04:  SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL, Santa Cruz, CA

... He is president of his fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon's Sigma Tau chapter, competes for the wrestling team and is a standout lineman and captain for the...  story

9/2/04:  THE STATE.COM, Columbia, SC

... Among its alumni are his father and Democratic challenger John Kerry. He joined Delta Kappa Epsilon, a fraternity with a reputation for partying...  story


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